Monofilament top with 1.5″ lace front hairline and eartabs.


WEIGHT (oz) : 5.65 oz.

BANG : 11 1/2″

EAR-TAB : 11 1/2″

NAPE : 15 1/2″

TOP : 11 1/4 – 11 3/4″

SIDES : 11 1/2 – 14 1/2″

BACK : 12 1/2 – 15 1/2″


CONSTRUCTION : Monofilament Top with Lace Front

CAP SIZE : Average

COLOR RANGE : Highlighted



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Ava’s cascading layers and flowing fiber naturally falls below the shoulders. True manageability in the top area allows the versatility to elegantly sweep the front to either side of the face. Adding to the allure of Ava is an uncommonly lightweight construction for a style of this length and volume, allowing for hours of comfortable wearing glamour.

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1BH – Off black with medium dark brown highlights, 4GR – Dark brown with medium brown highlights and black roots, 4H – Medium dark brown with medium brown highlights, 5H – Dark brown with strawberry highlights, 6H – Chestnut brown with auburn highlights, 7H – Chocolate brown with caramel highlights, 8H – Medium brown with golden brown highlights, 8/14H – Medium & dark brown with dark blonde & subtle auburn highlights, 8/27/33H – Medium brown with gold blonde, strawberry & auburn highlights, 12AH – Golden brown with light auburn highlights, 12H – Golden brown with light gold blonde highlights, 14H – Dark blonde with light wheat blonde highlights, 16H – Ash blonde with platinum blonde highlights, 24H18 – Light ash brown with gold blonde highlights, 26GR – Gold blonde with light blonde highlights and brown roots, 26H – Light gold blonde with light blonde highlights, 27AH – Dark strawberry blonde with dark blonde highlights, 27/26H – Gold blonde with glazed strawberry blonde highlights, 31H – Dark auburn & medium brown with warm strawberry highlights, 33H – Dark auburn with copper red highlights, 88GR – Light wheat blonde with dark strawberry blonde highlights and medium brown roots, 88H – Dark strawberry blonde with light wheat blonde highlights, 130H – Copper red with dark strawberry blonde highlights, 131GR – Fire red with auburn highlights and dark brown roots, 614GR – Wheat blonde with light gold blonde highlights and brown roots, 614H – Light wheat blonde with light gold blonde highlights, 626H – Dark brown with golden blonde highlights


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