Velcro strip with adhesive backing allows Bang to easily attach to Band styles, Hair Accents and other headwear. Soft velvet material on opposite side is comforting to skin.

COLOR SHOWN : 27AH, 51, 130H

WEIGHT (oz) : 0.20 oz.

BANG : 3 1/2 – 4 1/2″






OVERALL : 3 1/2 – 4 1/2″



COLOR RANGE : Highlighted



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The perfect addition to Layered Band, Classic Band and Page Band, Henry Margu’s Bang have been designed to easily attach to these styles with Velcro, while still remaining comfortable against the scalp of the wearer due to the soft velvet backing.
Bang can also be effortlessly attached to hats, scarves, or turbans without gluing or sewing. Optional adhesive backed Velcro quickly secures Bang to these items.

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1BH – Off black with medium dark brown highlights, 4H – Medium dark brown with medium brown highlights, 6H – Chestnut brown with auburn highlights, 7H – Chocolate brown with caramel highlights, 8H – Medium brown with golden brown highlights, 8/27/33H – Medium brown with gold blonde, strawberry & auburn highlights, 12AH – Golden brown with light auburn highlights, 12H – Golden brown with light gold blonde highlights, 14H – Dark blonde with light wheat blonde highlights, 16H – Ash blonde with platinum blonde highlights, 24H18 – Light ash brown with gold blonde highlights, 26H – Light gold blonde with light blonde highlights, 27AH – Dark strawberry blonde with dark blonde highlights, 27/26H – Gold blonde with glazed strawberry blonde highlights, 33H – Dark auburn with copper red highlights, 38 – Light brown mixed with 25% grey, 44 – Grey mixed with dark brown, 51 – Light grey mixed with 25% medium brown, 56 – Light grey mixed with 15% light brown, 60 – Off white, 130H – Copper red with dark strawberry blonde highlights, 131H – Fire red with auburn highlights, 614H – Light wheat blonde with light gold blonde highlights


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